"Life is unique, and so should the final goodbye be.

We will advise and help you through it. 

Our mission is to make death more natural and less taboo. 

We will meet all your wishes and participate personally, from beginning to end."

Else Mikkelsen


About me

About me

Else mikkelsen

I was born in 1963 and live in Nørresundby with Kim. I have 3 adult sons and 2 grandchildren. I am a trained nurse with more than 20 years experience in the health care sector, where I have worked with children and adults in grief and crises. Therefore, I know what the next of kin are going through, as I sadly have been through the same. I want to support you and your loved ones in a difficult time, and give your beloved a safe and dignified final goodbye.

Ditte Marie Garder Damholdt, Funeral director at Min AfskedDitte Marie Garder Damholdt, Funeral director at Min Afsked
About Me

Ditte Marie Garder Damholdt

I am a trained funeral director at Min Afsked. 

I live in Vejgaard (Aalborg) with my husband Søren and our two beautiful children. I have experienced loss and grief and therefore, I am prepared - professionally and personally - to support you and your loved ones in a difficult time. I am aware of the importance of a unique farewell with your loved one. 

Sanne Diget Thomsen, Communications manager at Min AfskedSanne Diget Thomsen, Communications manager at Min Afsked
About me

Sanne Diget Thomsen

I am responsible for communications and social media at Min Afsked. I live in Nørresundby and have collaborated closely with Min Afsked since 2018 where I wrote my master's thesis. I write blog posts, update the website, manage Facebook and Instagram as well as ad hoc tasks. 

Death is like a ship, sailing away with one of our loved ones. We stand on the beach and see it disappearing. It becomes smaller and smaller, and finally disappears into the horizon where the skies and seas meet. We look at each other and say, "Now he is gone." But on the other side, someone is standing there saying, "Look, here he comes."

Else Mikkelsen




Funeral with burial

When burial is chosen, the ceremony is held in a church or chapel. Afterwards, the coffin is brought to the grave, where it will be lowered into the earth. I will be helping you the entire time, in order to ensure the most beautiful parting with your loved one.


Funeral with cremation

When funeral with cremation is chosen, the ceremony is first held in church or a chapel. Afterwards, the coffin is brought to the hearse, and the coffin is transported to a crematory.

When the urn is ready, it can be lowered into the earth along with a small ceremony. You can also choose an unmarked grave.

I will help and support you through this difficult time, and ensure that your parting will be beautiful and according to your wishes. If the deceased is not a member of the Danish national church, it is possible to choose something other than a church or chapel.


Spreading ashes

The remains of your loved one can be spread on open waters. It must be open waters or larger bodies of water. Afterwards the urn is disposed of.

It is not allowed to spread ashes on land, in lakes or streams. 
I will help you fill out the relevant documents in order to spread the remains of your loved one, as well as arranging the spreading of remains if you are unable to do so yourselves.


Civil ceremonies

If the deceased is not a member of the Danish national church, a ceremony may be held according to own wishes, with no church or priest involved.

The funeral or ceremony may be held in your garden, on the beach or in the forest - exactly the way you want it - in Nørresundby, Aalborg, Vejgård, Vestbjerg, Vester Hassing and many other towns in Northern Jutland.


My Last WIll

We leave our loved ones in mourning when we pass on. 

It is a difficult situation to be in for your loved ones, and it is not easy to make crucial decisions on your behalf. The practical issues can quickly become unmanageable. Therefore, I recommend that you fill out My Last Will. That way, our loved one scan focus on the mourning and not the practical issues. There is a lot to consider, and we - or our loved ones - have more to consider than burial or cremation. My experience says that the more decisions and choices made in advance, the more we help our loved ones in a difficult situation. My Last Will is a help for our loved ones and next of kin.




Funeral benefits

You may be eligible for benefits-applications for funerals.

Min Afsked will help with this. There is always a base-level subsidy of 1,050 DKK if the deceased was born before April 1st 1957. If deceased is under 18, the base-level subsidy is 8,700 DKK. The remaining amount of subsidy benefits is calculated based on assets. 

Surviving spouses or registered partners, along with children under the age of 21, will automatically get this subsidy paid from ATP (translation: Labour Market Supplementary Pension), provided the deceased has deposited to ATP.

Links: ATP, Municipal grants & Sygeforsikring Danmark (the last link is in Danish)


Bank and Probate Court

Once the death has been registered, the deceased's bank accounts will be blocked, even if the account is joined with a spouse.

The accounts will be opened again once the probate court has clarified inheritance conditions and the estate. Banks will usually help provide a sum for the next of kin. It is possible to pay for the funeral from the blocked account, provided there is coverage on the account.

The probate court will send a letter regarding a meeting in the probate court - typically within 6-8 weeks following the time of death.


Teachings and lectures

I am happy to come and give lectures or theme nights in Aalborg, Nørresundby and the general Northern Jutland area!

I can cover many subjects, however you may be interested in subjects such as "What happens when a person dies?", "What does the job of a funeral director look like?", "Burial vs Cremation", "Civil ceremonies", "My last Will", "Children and loss", and many more.


Memorial trunks

Min afsked offers a memorial trunk to hold pictures and objects to remember your loved one by. 

When grief overwhelms you, you may find comfort in retrieving the trunk and feeling it for a little while until it passes again.


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